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Coins: 173
N3DS FC: 5129-4003-7449
Age: 13
Bio: Hi! I'm just a guy who likes games and other things too. Doesn't take the teabag out of the tea before drinking it. Born in '06, but sure as heck I was living like I was '02! I'm also a pilot. Single ;). Before you ask, yes. Graal Classic: Sailor Neko (Nothing to play it on, so won't be on.). Switch: Hafflock. Switch FC: SW-7511-0570-7336. SSBU main: Isabelle. Email: Hafflockman@outlook.com. Fortnite: HAG_Hafflockman. Vizzed: Hafflockman. Youtube:link Facebook: link Twitter:link No one cares.Sonic R Main: Super Sonic. An awesome YTP idea I made: Joel: Look I'm Fist of the North Star. Omae Wa mou shindeiru. Patient: NANI? Joel:*Draws satanic stuff on patient.*. VRs: 42
Do you believe? OwO is mah chosen internet WMD! οωο auroraiscoolerthanu is cooler thanus. ●octo● is my senpai. Jacob14 is undead.I watch Vinesauce.
Registered: Jan 15, 2019
Last Online: 2h ago
User ID: 5100
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