I can't see the Range:
Range is disabled during gameplay for Nintendo 3DS browser to save a ton of speed (this will be fixed later).

Enemy Trail / Land Mines:
Only weapons with a Land Mine effect will work when on the enemy trail. Land Mines will only trigger when a enemy is near it. The range is the "explosion" distance.

Burn Effect:
Burn is the total amount of damage a enemy will recieve, except slowly over time instead of all at once. Each frame enemies take .1 burn damage until it wears off.

Burst Effect:
The amount of times a weapon shoots different enemies at once.

Range Info:
Every block is 20 pixels. Weapon range is based in pixels.

Frame Info:
10 frames every 1 second. The graphics are updated when able to, so you will not visually see every frame.

Ammo Bar:
100 or less ammo shows a red bar. 100-200 ammo shows a yellow bar. 200+ shows a green bar. Not all weapons start with 200+ ammo.

Paint Maps:
To "Paint" a map, you must fill in the background image with weapons of matching color to the grid. For example, place Machine Gun on Blue pixels. If all pixels are colored correctly (even if you loose the round), and if you beat the map at least 1 time, the map will be "Painted".

Color: 360 Shooter vs Points Gun:
360 Shooter is now a darker green. Points Gun is now a lighter green.

Save Didn't Work:
Saving happens once automatically when you win or loose a game. You can manually save by pressing and wait for an alert message.