Space Defense Testing Page
It's not a real game but a test page to see how the game would feel like. Does it seem fun? Does it need more? Etc.
Game is based on turns. Use the Mark tool as a guide to figure out which pieces moved this turn.
You supposed to only have 1 heart. And you supposed to only do 1 action at a time. Changing a gun direction, firing a gun, or adding 1 block of any type to ship (to increase ship size) all counts as 1 action. Use O and X beams to help remember its direction (O = up-down-left-right, X = top-left to bottom-right, etc, etc).
Click a sprite below to place it when Do = Put. Red enemies would spawn near the ends of the screen, and also shoot beams. Enemies were not intended to move its direction after it has spawned.
Beams are intended to move 2 blocks a turn. Enemies 1 block a turn. You loose after your heart is hit. More enemies would spawn more often over time.
You would win either by surving as long as you can or a pre-definded wave of enemies. But like I said, it's not a game. It's to test this game. A game would take more wasteful time programming.