Five Nights at Framenote Studio
Warning: This game is intended to scare you. Also known as random "jump scare"s. Please be careful. This game IS supposed to scare you. If it doesn't, okay. If it does, you have been WARNED.

Not all content like "View" in main menu is available. Also some text especially in Mail WILL be changed. This demo is 100% just a preview of current progress. Final game may be completely different even in the story (mail).

It also may have errors. Such as images not show up because they were accidentally not uploaded. This game is programmed on computer, with new content like images. So things could have been left out somewhere.

I didn't play this current version completely. I only guess it works. This current demo should go 6 nights fine. You should get a alert message saying you beat it, if you play that long. If you don't get a message, well night 6 (the bonus night, after 5 nights), the final FINAL night, if you beat it the date in the main menu should say "May 32, 2013". If you get that then you completely beaten the intended game.
May 25, 2013