Flipnote Fighters!

(Possibly A Nintendo 3DS browser game)

Flipnote Fighters (FF) is a WIP and will represent Flipnote Studio's stick figure fights. It's already known that a lot of hard work will be put into this project, especially to make it work for the Nintendo 3DS internet browser.

FF has just started around Feb 20, 2017. It may also have a name change if the quality is pretty good, to avoid problems. Due to real life and working and doing this on my free time, a real playable but cheap demo could possibly be available in 2-3 months. But the high quality release date of FF should definitely take 6-8 months or more. FF is intended to have high quality graphics. What more can you do with pixels anyway. Of course if I didn't have to work in real life this could easily be a 1 in a half month or less project.

FF is planned to be a 1 on 1 fighting game but may change. You play match after match progressing further, possibly tournament-like. It's planned to allow your player(s) to upgrade infinitely. Such as, all player actions will use energy, including punching, jumping, and flying. When you first start, your player may seem like it's impossible to fly. However over lots of upgrading you will feel like you can fly for a good time or even forever.

It's planned to have players to travel far distances. A mini screen will be displayed of a player far away.
A slow down time effect may be programmed. Weak enemies would move slow, stronger enemies may cause you to move slow or them faster.
Yes, energy blasts like kamehame are planned, including damaging the stage.
You will have XP-like levels, like pokemon levels, whatever this is called. Enemies may have levels too.
Currently not planned to have stages. Just a white background with a solid floor and maybe walls after a far distance.
It will not have music or sound effects. Maybe music.

There's one thing I learned in my years of programming. Almost anything is possible. I mean come on, my Craft3DS next update you can travel over a quadrillion blocks away, and that's because I don't feel like doing extra work to make it a solid infinite. And you can do this with your 3DS browser no problem. You can seriously program almost anything no matter what.
I once started a project to have the best graphics ever for a 3ds browser game by loading images from the server constantly for the frames. This technique is not impossible, it's done with my My3DS World game here. With the ability to connect to a server, memory of all kind is not a limit. I even had ideas for when a game starts like Mictroid, it creates a custom loop function for speed such as when you enter a room. Mictroid doesn't do that but it was an idea.
But this stuff is off topic.

So anyway here's a video of a flipnote stick fight provided by YouTube. This is about what I'm aiming for. Lots of cool looking fighting going on. Video is not related to FF or My3DS.org.

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