Hello there.

new website current progress. you can make an account and see how awesome this website will be.
Currently a account is mandatory. But logging in is very easy. Just enter your email. Check your email. Click the link. Done.
If you want, you can use your 3ds browser and enter your email. Click submit. Then check your email on your computer. Click the link. Then what SHOULD happen, is your 3ds browser will automatically log in, and so will your computer. It's that fast and easy, to log in with your 3ds, and at the same time, your computer. Basically what happens is use whatever device you want, then when the email link is clicked, that device is given permission to log in, and does so. The same should work on your wii u. Note, if you do not have an account, one will simply be made and then continues to do the exact things above. This doesn't have to be hard. Passwords are currently not used.

note it's still having plenty of updates. but this should be the most final version. this final version is intended to let you play/load games, and all website content like browsing the gallery, users, pm's, chatbox, etc all while never having to leave the game you are playing. which makes it easier to use your 3ds. note website will be wii u supported, and mobile phone supported. it's a 3ds browser dedicated website, but with games you can also play on any device.

Sharing would be cool. I mean, you can even take snapshots of gameplay, on your 3ds browser, and even save that snapshot to your 3ds console. a future update will also let your snapshots have a comment section, likes, etc. Like, i bet you didnt even think this was possible. So share it. I'm working on quality games like the "mictroid remake beta" that you can find in the games section. the only problem, is that mictroid remake beta doesn't save progress, because it was made before the dashboard menu had enough functions to allow games working. it's still isnt even done, still maybe less than half way on how it's supposed to be. So yeah.

Really, in a later update when more things get added, you can basically be playing a game, take a snapshot, edit the description, and ask all users for help. Without even pausing the game. Of course, 3ds upload speed is slow, but hey it's possible. it's basically miiverse. Or will be. Did miiverse let you download peoples snapshots? I dont remember. But you can here. And when I update the paint thing, you will even be able to draw on them. Perhaps, to show someone who needed help with something, painted directions or idk. Whatever you feel like.

This is a discord server thing mainly for owner contacting reasons, or possible updates.